This week for 5/6 sport we did LACROSSE. Sometimes lacrosse is a contact sport but if you play it as a kid it’s not a contact sport. Now I will show you how to throw the ball and catch.

Marvellous Mirror

Mirror, a book by Jeanie Baker. Mirror is a book about two families living in two different countries. Jeanie Baker got the idea for the book while living in Sydney. She wanted to see Morocco so she created a book about the differences of the two countries. She showed that by telling me about two families from Sydney and Morocco.

Awesome Afl colour

Yesterday we wore footy colours because of the footy finals. I am a Collingwood supoter unfortunately we didn’t make it in to the finals. Hopefully Hawthorn doesn’t win the premiership because, Collingwood have a record for four premierships in a row.

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Science fair

This term the year 5s had a science expo I did star death . I had to explain how a star dies I chose this project because I was amazed because it happens all the time and also I like stars.

This is a picture link press on the picture to go to one of the sites I used.



Boisterous book week

Apart from our door I liked 4A’s door because the kids did a lot of work to make it, it is very clever and creative. They did a book about bullying on a bus and I have never read this book.

I like the colourful full cover they used. I think this door is creative because they used ripped up paper to do thier door. I happy looking at thier door know that they put a lot of work in to it.