James Kelly bopiography

James Kelly biography

James Kelly 1859-1946, born in Beveridge, Victoria on the 31st of July 1859. His Mum Ellen Quinn Kelly and hid dad John “Red” Kelly. John was transported from Tipperary, Ireland for stealing two pigs. He arrived at van demand land in 1842. Then he went to PortPhillip District where he met Ellen Quinn. They got married and had 5 sons and 7 daughters. Ned, Dan, James, Kate, Ellen, Margret, Grace, Aninne, John,Ellen Jr., Mary and Alice.

James got sentenced to 5 years in jail. After that he went to Wagga Wagga and got sentenced for 10 years jail for stealing two horses. James committed a lot of crimes such as theft, rape and murder

on April 15th a police trooper named Fitzpatrick, went to Mrs Kelly’s home to arrest dan for stealing horses aswell. Fitzpatrick was a unreliable and worthless fellow, he claimed that Ned shot him, even though Ned wasn’t there. Then Dan and Ned went into hiding into the Wombat Forrest near Mansfeild. They had 2 friends come and help them. Joe Byrne and Steve Hart

James Kelly died in his sleep. James’ brother Ned had a shoot out at Glennrowen, where Dan his other brother died with Joe Byrne and Steve Hart. Ned ran off into the bush. He was eventually caught and hanged at Melbourne Goal, 11th November 1880.

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