Me in a minute the last chapter

Finally we finished me in a minute, we calculated the class mean,median and mode for our results. We have improved in everything except squats who’s average dropped from 55.1 per minute  to 51.8 per minute. The average of basketball hoops was 2.35 per minute to 4.27 per minute. The average for push ups was 20.7 per minute to 26.56 per minute.

Me in a minute

Me in a minute is a maths fitness activity where you do fitness activities for a minute. Where doing it to challenge ourself and because it’s good physical health. I thought that I would get more in the basketball in the hoop from free throw line and tennis balls in to target. My goals are to get more in the challenges I listed above ⬆️. I’m going to practice to achieve my goals.

Lou Richards biography

He was a fabulous player,competing in 250 games Lou Richards kicked 423 goals. As media personality he appeared on wide world of sports, the footy show and the Sunday footy show where he provided expert commentary and comedy. Lou Richards started his career in media as a journalist for the argus.


This week for 5/6 sport we did LACROSSE. Sometimes lacrosse is a contact sport but if you play it as a kid it’s not a contact sport. Now I will show you how to throw the ball and catch.

Marvellous Mirror

Mirror, a book by Jeanie Baker. Mirror is a book about two families living in two different countries. Jeanie Baker got the idea for the book while living in Sydney. She wanted to see Morocco so she created a book about the differences of the two countries. She showed that by telling me about two families from Sydney and Morocco.