Terrific term 3 learning goals

Organisation is one of the You Can Do It habits.
Setting goals is one of the key habits.Long term goals last to the end of term. Short term goals are like lily pads they help you go from one bank to another.

Learning behaviour
My learning behaviour is to focus on my work
– to do this I will not be distracted by people
– I will also not distract people
– I will try to work for long periods of time with out being distracted
– I will use my class time wisely
– I will use the criteria

English goal
My English is to read better
-To do this I will read more
-I will boost my reading stamina
– I will read more often to get a clearer picture in my head

Maths goal
My maths will be to learn to play chess
-to do that I will use chess apps and books
– I will also practice 2-3 days a week
– I will play chess at home, school and after school care

Term2 2015

Today we talked about setting a learning goal. My learning goals for this term are English, mathematics and learning behaviour.

I’m going to be setting a you can do it goal (YCDI). I will be focusing on This so I can improve my ability to be organised. For  me to achieve this I will: keep my blog up to date.

In English I will put my mind to writing. To do this I will: think about my criteria for my blog.


My effort in maths will focus on my times tables.  For me to achieve this I will: start by making my 5ives & 3hrees quick & accurate to do this I will use TT me and my script calculator